Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beer Review: Left Hand Brewing Co - Oktoberfest

This beer is available each autumn in celebration of the great Bavarian festival season. Brewed in late spring and cellared throughout the summer, our Oktoberfest is produced through traditional methods as it has been for centuries in Germany, This copper-hued lager owes its rich malt flavor to a generous combination of select Vienna and Munich malts. Cool, open-fermentation develops a subtle elegance and drinkability suited to any festive occasion.
2000 to 2009 vintages - 6% abv
2010 vintage - 6.6% abv

Appearance: Pours a crystal clear and perfect copper color. Head starts at about one finger but reduces to just over the head leaving a nice thick white layer over the top. Carbonation bubbles dance their way up sustaining the head.

Aroma: Very rich malt aroma highlighting toasty, bready, and subdued caramel malts. Some earthiness is evident but no hop nose can be found. A tiny bit of sweet fruit can also be picked up in the nose. A very nice smelling malt driven beer.

Flavor: Flavor is a bit more subdued than I expected after smelling this beer. Malt and bread are the most dominate profile in this beer. Toastiness makes itself present near the middle of the sip, while caramel malts and noble hops are the undertone throughout. Slight hop bitterness drys this beer out as the sip ends.

Mouthfeel: Low body with medium carbonation. Somewhat watery but broken up with a carbonic bite.

Overall: Seems like a pretty typical American style Oktoberfest. The beer is malt driven and showcases the profiles of Munich and Vienna malts. The body is a bit low for the style and would benefit somewhat from a little more residual sugars. I like that this beer is pretty dry, which may be a small reason why the body lacks. Something I would probably pick up over Sam Adams Oktoberfest but have tasted better festbiers from other American breweries. 


  1. Such a Sassy drink...I <3 it.

  2. Such a sassy-sassy Beer!!!

  3. Can't wait to try it this year!
    -Taps From Scratch . com

  4. Bristol Brewing here in Colorado Springs is also releasing an Oktoberfest this year. Can't wait to try that one.