Monday, June 25, 2012

Beers of Europe: Part 5 - Cologne

This was one of my favorite stops of the whole trip. Köln has the perfect mix of history and new age. Unlike Munich there is pretty much only one style of beer in this city and that is Kölsch. I had some amazing ones while I was here and hope that more of these become available in the states. The beer comes served in a small .2 liter glass and they have specialized 12 glass carriers for the servers. As soon as you run out another is replaced until you put your coaster on top of the glass signaling you are ready for your check.  Kölsch has a strict set of rules in order to be called that defined in 1986. Kölsch cannot be brewed outside the city of Cologne (except for a few breweries grandfather in), must be brewed with a top fermenting yeast, and the brewery must be within view of the "Dom" (Central Cathedral).

(My Favorite)

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