Monday, August 2, 2010

Beer Review: Lagunitas Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale

The beer in today's review has quite the interesting story to it. Lagunitas was the benefactor of an undercover investigation involving marijuana smoking and dealing at weekly tastings at the brewery. On St. Patrick's day 2005 the undercover investigators showed their badges and shut the brewery down for 20 days. Luckily for them this really didn't hurt the brewery as they added a bottling line while the brewing operations were shut down, and any publicity is good publicity right? You can read the whole story here.

Our oxymoronic 'Imperial Mild' - A redux to remember the '05 St. Paddy's Day Massacre. Defiant as to style ... We Can say for sure it is unforgiven and unrepentant.
Approx. Release – March

Appearance: Pours a deep mahogany with a fluffy off-white head that reduces with great lacing. Notice some specks of something and may be hop material or yeast. 

Aroma: Strong aroma of dark fruit and some slight hop undertones.

Flavor: Up front with dark fruit leading into floral, herbal, and slightly citrus hop flavor. Some biscuity malt comes through leading to a raisin sweet yet drying finish. Bitterness is present but does not overwhelm. 

Mouthfeel: Medium to high body with medium carbonation.

Overall: Thick and chewy barley wine with lots of candied fruit flavor. Great hop profile that stands up to the malt but does not overbear. Nice beer to sip on as the hot Colorado day turns dry and cool. 

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