Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Perks of the Job

So as some of you know, or that have been following know, that I pretty much took my passion for something and made it into a job. For those of you that don't, about a year and a half ago I started this blog while I was sitting in a cubicle at a finance company in downtown Denver. I was so sick and tired of going into work and staring at a computer screen doing something that wasn't interesting or anything near amusing in any way. I decided to take a chance, (and a paycut) to take on a job at a larger format liquor store in the beer department. In a little over 4 months I was promoted to Beer Manager and our store moved to a new location where I was able to manage 26 beer doors and a walk in beer cooler. I was flying high, I got to go to work and talk about beer all day!

All of a sudden the GMs that hired me quit to persue other ventures and the new guy came in. I would call him Lucifer but that would be too nice. Being the owners brother there was really nothing I could do to change the situation. The man took away everything fun about working in this industry. No more tastings, no more events, no more handselling, and no more fun. I was starting to regret taking the pay cut.

But then ALAS light at the end of the tunnel. A former co-worker at my store, that "Imperial Lucifer" had pretty much hired to fire, called me up and asked if I wanted to run a new smaller scale upperclass liquor store. More money and benefits now? Sign me up!
So where am I going with all this? Well after about a month or so of doing everything there is to do to open up a store (I will have a post on this at some point in the near future) we opened and my brewery representatives started coming in. As beer geeks should know the Great American Beer Festival is held right here in Denver, Colorado. Oskar Blues Brewery was putting on an event and being in the position that I am in, I was invited to take part in this amazing ride. Camera crews were present for the local news/magazine and captured our drunken escapades. Check it out:

Here is another article from Metromix with a slideshow:

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