Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beer Review: Dixie Brewing Company - Dixie Beer

Dixie brewing company was devastated during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. They have yet to reopen their doors in New Orleans and there product line is currently being brewed by Minhas Craft Brewery.

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The brewery was under 9 feet of water and much of the equipment was looted during the aftermath. Owners Joe and Kendra Bruno would love to reopen but the future is uncertain. If you see Dixie beer in the store pick up a 6 pack and help support regrowth in New Orleans. The Dixie brands are now available in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

Appearance: Pours golden, crystal clear with a tall white head that quickly dissipates to almost nothing.

Aroma: Smells slightly fruity with a strong presence of sweet corn. Ends with noble hops and grainy maltiness. 

Flavor: Strong noble hop flavor throughout taste very pilsner like. Sweet corn is pretty strong along with some grainy malt. Beer is quite balanced with the sweetness of the corn and the hop bitterness. Does not linger very long on the tongue and ends very crisp and dry. Seems like a fruity lager yeast is used. Can tell this is an adjunct beer mostly corn but maybe some hints of rice. 

Mouthfeel: Very thin, but a refreshing thin. Carbonation is low to medium  

Overall: This is a pretty good lawnmower beer. I would describe it as somewhere between a pilsner and a cream ale. It is a very unique tasting beer and I have never really come across anything like it. This would be perfect for a BBQ on a warm day, maybe enjoyed with some BBQ chicken.  For an easy drinking beer at 4.5% ABV this has a lot of flavor. I would recommend going out and trying it for yourself...this would probably appeal to a wide variety of drinkers including BMC (Bud, Miller, Coors) drinkers.   

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  1. I grew up on this stuff and would love to pick up some soon