Friday, May 21, 2010

Brewpub Review: Great Divide Taproom Denver, CO

Well ironically the first brewpub review is not really a brewpub but just Great Divide's tap room that is connected to the brewery...But ya know what this is my blog so I do what I want. Plus it's just a generalized title alright?

Located in downtown Denver at 22nd and Arapahoe the Great Divide tap room is a perfect place to hit up happy hour after a long boring day at work. With 3 dollar pints (4 at normal time) you can't really go wrong. Be ready to get a little buzzed though because there is nothing being served from the taps under %5.1 alc by volume.

Right behind the tap wall lies the brewery. You can almost imagine that the beer flowing from the taps is coming straight out of the gigantic conical fermenters.  Going at the right time you can look through the windows and see the brewers tasting the latest creations. The jealousy may make you a little stabby though.

The space is pretty limited, so in the colder months you better get in early because the inside has room for maybe 20 people around the bar. Luckily spring has finally sprung here in Denver and the outside tables are open again increasing the capacity by about 30-40 people. If you do need a little somethin in your gut to soak up some of the beer they have chips and nuts available for purchase at the bar.

You can't really go wrong with anything they are serving up here. "Belgica" the Belgian IPA that we started out with was fantastic and the staple DPA (Denver Pale Ale) pictured behind is a fine example of the style. There is something that every beer drinker will enjoy unless you only like flavorless piss water then you're out of luck. The taps will change from time to time with the seasonal rotation and also sometimes you'll be lucky enough to come in when they have a special offering at the tap room only. If you like a good india pale ale definitely start out with the Titan IPA, it is one of the best that I have ever had. 

The Dunkelweiss is terrific and would be perfect to accompany a warm day. The correct type glassware for the offerings is a nice touch too.

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about what they are serving and you are not going to break the bank for some high quality stuff. So if you're in downtown Denver I would recommending stopping by this place for a pint or two.

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