Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brewpub Review: Vine St Pub &, Denver CO

The Vine St Pub is the third installment of a very successful brewpub the Mountain Sun. With two locations in Boulder and this one in Denver it is still hard to find a seat.

 The Vine St Pub & (check out the sign) is located at 17th and Vine St about a mile outside of downtown Denver. I am lucky enough to be within walking distance so I can enjoy a delicious pint any time I please. Currently their beers are produced at the two Boulder locations but construction (hopefully) has started in the backroom to make this location the main brewery. I am hoping to get this thing finished and also hoping I can get a job working there. Would be pretty pretty nice to be able to walk to work AND brew. 

If you want a seat right away I would probably advise to go during lunch (weekends only) or later at night. From about 4pm to 9pm the place is pretty packed and for larger groups you'll probably have about an hour wait. It's worth it though and they keep you happy with free fries and beer while you wait. Vine St, as well as their other two pubs, have weekly entertainment if that's your kind of thing. Local bands and musicians are invited in, as well as open bluegrass picks for anyone that wants to bring in their banjo. On the opposite side of the outdoor eating area above they have cornhole games set up so you can practice for the tailgating olympics. If physical activity is not really your thing then you can exercise your brain inside with board game offerings like scrabble, connect 4, boggle, yatzee, or you can even bring your own.

Vine St has a great selection of beer and you'll probably be able to find something that you like. They will always have their mainstays Kind, Illusion Dweller IPA, Java Porter, Quinns Golden, Annapurna Amber, and blackberry wheat. They also have a rotating stock of other seasonal creations as well as "Guest" brews on tap. A pint is normally $4.20 but they have happy hour 4-6pm & 10pm to close everyday where a beer is $3. Also if you wear a branded shirt you can have happy hour all day on Tuesdays. On the occasion that you have one of those assholes that will only drink wine because they sit on a throne of entitlement they also have a few bottles they would be willing to serve.

Along with great beer they serve very tasty food at a very reasonable price. I guess you could call it standard bar fare but the quality is up there in the ranks. They have daily specials that I always tend to try and superb burgers that you must have the first time you go in. If you are on a budget you can grab a recession burger for 4 bucks with fries included. My one gripe is that they serve tortilla chips as the standard side rather than fries and charge a buck if you want to upgrade to fries...That's all well and good but come on, if you serve tortilla chips you gotta give a little thing of salsa for them. I usually end up dousing them in malt vinegar. In regards to the fries though, they are some of the best I have ever had so they are worth the upgrade if you are feeling frivolous. If you were me you would probably end up getting the gooney bird sandwich, chicken sandwich,  the special, or a burger on each visit, it's possible that you don't have the refined palate that I do so you can take a look at everything they have right here.

There is a reason that I average at least one time a week at this place and it is not because it is two blocks away. Great atmosphere, great beer, great food, usually a great staff, and it just feels like you are welcome there. This is a classic example of the American version of a British pub. 

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