Monday, July 26, 2010

Beer Event Review: Kyle's Brewfest

I guess in the economy that we are living in now $25 may be a lot to some, but for those of us who are doing alright for ourselves it was a small amount to pay for the return on investment of this beerfest.

Upon arriving we were handed a Kyle's Brewfest pint glass (that we got to keep) with an envelope of tickets. 3 blue tickets each worth a pint, 10 red tickets each worth a generously poured 2 oz taster, and a white ticket worth a burger and chips made by the guys at Mountain Sun/Southern Sun/Vine St Pub. I wasn't expecting to get that much for just one admission but I was not going to complain. I looked around and had to decide where I wanted to start. Beer was available from Stone, Deschutes, Upslope, Boulder Beer, Mountain Sun, Avery, Trinity, Odells, Ska, and of course the host Great Divide. I was feeling in a hoppy mood and started out with a favorite from Stone, their Ruination IPA.

The Great Divide had basically opened up their whole brewery for this event. The storage room, bottling line, grain storage, etc was all open to browse around while enjoying the event. Being the beer geek that I am this was probably my favorite part of the whole night.

Plenty of make shift stools available

My guess is that this is their pilot/experiment system

mmmmm Vienna malt

Oak aged Yeti??? Yes, please


After hiding out inside after a bit of rain passed through the area, the Kyle Hollingsworth Band came on and played a set. People would pay $25 alone for a show and a tasty pint of craft, but they gave you the whole shabang here. They had cleared out what I can guess is a parking lot next to the brewery. In the shadow of the huge steel conicals they had set up a stage. 

The place was packed with what I would guess around 400 people. A lot of money was raised for the Conscience Alliance charity.  

Unfortunately Kyle's idea of brewing up a batch on stage was probably nixed by the fire department. Whatever though, it was a great show surrounded by the best beer lineup I have ever seen at a concert. Best of all I wasn't paying 10 bucks for a pint of swill.

Double fisting

Yes, I would enjoy some Ska

How cool is it to get served Great Divide beer right in the middle of the brewing room

Thanks for everyone that made this possible. One of the coolest most unique beer events that I have been to. Best part of all was that all the proceeds went to charity. Hopefully this will not be the only one of it's kind.

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