Monday, July 12, 2010

Beer Review: Quarry Brewing Basalt India Black Ale

So one last post to close out my Montana Beercation series. I wanted to do a proper review of my favorite Quarry Brewing beer, so I brought home a growler of it so I could "properly" review it. Basalt India Black Ale is Quarry's interpretation of the new style that is all the craze, the Cascadian Dark Ale.

New Beer on tap “BASALT IBA India Black Ale” This black ale has all the hops of an IPA but with the black color of a Stout, with a crisp light flavor and black color, backed up by 80 IBU’s this new style is sure to please. So try one today!!!

Appearance: Pours a deep opaque black. Thick brown head reduces to just over the beer with nice lacing.

Aroma: Roasted malt with hints of coffee and some faint citrus hops. 

Flavor: Strong upfront roasted malt leading into citrus hop flavor and bitterness. The hops balance the roasted quality very nicely. Ends with a slight caramel sweetness and hop astringency. 

Mouthfeel: Low to medium body with low carbonation. A very drinkable india ale.  

Overall: Chuck (head brewer) told me that he had some tasters tell him they liked this better than Widmer Bros W'10 and I agree. This example of the cascadian dark has more roast character which really balances the high IBU level well and differentiates it from the traditional IPA. With the W'10 its like drinking a dark colored IPA whereas this actually seems like a different style. This style is really going to take off, and this new brewery has something going here. 

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